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How To Create Engaging Youtube Content That Follows The Latest Trends

Mankind’s curiosity is the driving-force of human development, progress, and ingenuity. People always have the urge to want to know why, how, when, and where.

If you make the audience sense a gap in their knowledge, you can get them engaged in your video content because there is a payoff at the end.

Top 5 Tips On How To Create Engaging Video Content - How To Create Engaging Youtube Content That Follows The Latest Trends

You can achieve this in many ways. The most common one is to select the most interesting bits of the video and synthesize them at the beginning. This will create an interest in the viewer’s mind.

Step By Step Guide To Creating Engaging Videos To Grow Your Brand

According to Facebook’s video consumption data analysis for 2016, people who watch the first 3 seconds of a particular video will continue watching it for at least 30 seconds.

Since you have no real-time visual cues that allow you to decipher your viewer’s reaction, your best bet is to understand your audience and analyze signs of engagement.

You can also ask the audience what they want using polls or by interacting with them directly in the comment section. This will also increase engagement and make the viewers feel valued.

How To Make An Educational Video

Video has become the most popular source of information and entertainment for people today. YouTube’s popularity is a testament to this fact.

According to Oberlo, 85% of internet users in the United States watch videos monthly and 54% demand more video content from their favorite brands or companies that they follow.

In an age when people are pressed for time and have short attention spans, aesthetically appealing; fun to watch videos reign supreme.

Ways To Grow Your Youtube Channel

Use visual storytelling to get your point across to the audience in a short amount of time. Incorporate text, narration, animation etc. to create dynamic and engaging video content.



Storytelling is key when it comes to creating engaging video content. It allows you to move away from the in-your-face, product-led method of advertising to something that is more nuanced.

Sainsbury’s commercial for 2014, “Christmas is for sharing” is an example of great storytelling. The video tugged at the heartstrings of viewers in the UK and around the world. It also became the most-viewed ad in the UK.

Amazon.com: Youtube Decoded: How To Create Engaging Youtube Videos That Attract Visibility And Revenue To Your Business (grow Your Influence Series) Ebook

Currently, it has more than 20 million views on YouTube and even helped the grocery store reach second place in its sector.

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To create a story-line for your video, you could follow one or multiple plot lines. You may think that there are a wide variety of story styles to choose from. In reality, the number isn’t very overwhelming.

You, as a marketer and advertiser, can make use of at least one of these to create a compelling narrative for your video content.

Youtube Video Ideas

Ethos, pathos, and logos are Aristotle’s famous rhetorical appeals; also known as “modes for persuasion”. These are used in speech writing and advertising to get the audience to empathize with a point of view. The three appeals can be briefly described as follows:

You can increase engagement if your audience views you as a reliable source of content. Incorporate logos as well and include facts and figures. Double check your references, back up claims, and give credit where credit is due.

You can also work with influential personalities for engaging video content creation. This helps to project a particular image for your brand and bolsters credibility as well.

Top Tips To Create Engaging YouTube Videos - How To Create Engaging Youtube Content That Follows The Latest Trends

Different Ways To Create Engaging Video Content For Social Media

In extreme circumstances, it is usually best to address grievances, issue an apology, and proceed with building up your company’s reputation so your audience can see that you’ve learned from mistakes.

There is an endless ocean of content and over saturation of advertisements in the present day. Brands and companies must reach their audience and get the message across without coming off as a nuisance.

Content that has an emotional appeal is more memorable and impacts the audience in a profound way. The result is that the viewer remains engaged and forms a bond with the brand.

Youtube Description Templates That Have Helped Our Videos Go Viral

Worried that you’re doing something wrong? Check out our post about the five common mistakes most companies make in their video marketing campaign.

If you succeed in creating engaging video content that makes your audience feel good, they will share it with their friends and come back for more. Start incorporating these tips and revamp your video content strategy.Whether you’re an online marketer trying to promote a business or just someone looking to share their message and passion with the world, there’s no doubt that starting a YouTube channel in 2022 can feel intimidating. After years of being the #1 video website, the platform has become saturated with content creators that make high quality videos for pretty much any audience you can think of.

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That being said, while making a name for yourself in between all the giants is not a quick or easy task, it’s definitely not an impossible one. The internet is filled with countless tips and resources on how to start, grow and boost your YouTube channel. We’ve read through all of them and decided to compile the best tips into a handy guide that both beginners and veterans will find useful.

Top Eight Tips On How To Create Engaging Video Content For Youtube

A lot of content creators trying to grow a brand new channel feel tempted to make videos on multiple topics. After all, dipping your toes into multiple ponds sounds like a good way to attract a diverse audience and figure out what works and what doesn’t.

The truth, however, is that once you start getting you first subscribers, making videos on all kinds of wildly different topics is just going to drive away your audience.

Top Eight Tips On How To Create Engaging Video Content For YouTube - How To Create Engaging Youtube Content That Follows The Latest Trends

If someone subscribed to your YouTube channel because of your great DIY tutorials, they’re not likely to enjoy watching you try out the latest Battle Royale game. If they enjoyed hearing your review of a brand new car, that doesn’t mean they care what you (or anyone else, for that matter) have to say about movies.

The Ultimate Guide To Creating Searchable And Engaging Youtube Tutorials

Making videos on topics that are wildly different from one another is, at best, going to result in less engagement from your subscribers and, at worst, drive people to unsubscribe.

If you’re trying to grow a successful channel, it’s a much better idea to pick a general theme and stick with it. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to be super specific. For example, if most of your subscribers come from a Let’s Play video, that doesn’t mean you have to spend the rest of your YouTube careeronly playing that specific game.

You should try to diversify your content and keep an eye on trends within your specific niche. And if you do decide to expand in a different direction, make sure it’s something that most of your subscribers have an interest in.

How To Create Exceptional Youtube Content

Like we’ve said before, YouTube is already saturated with content creators. Chances are that no matter what your niche is, there are already many successful creators putting out videos for the same potential audience.

You’re competing for people’s attention against these established names. Copying them (or just creating a very similar type of content) won’t be enough if you want your channel to succeed. Instead, you should be trying to provide viewers with something unique that they can only get from you.

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This can be anything from your personality to your expertise, your unique perspective on things, the depth of your research or your production/editing style. All that matters is that it’s unique to you and it’s strong enough to draw people in and keep them watching.

Top Tips To Create Engaging Youtube Videos

YouTube values a consistent upload schedule quite a lot. Depending on the type of content you make, you should try to upload at least one video per week, if not more.

Ways You Can Get More Video Views By Creating Engaging Content - How To Create Engaging Youtube Content That Follows The Latest Trends

Having videos planned in advance makes the whole process of weekly or daily video production much easier, but all the recording and editing can make it difficult to come up with new ideas.

That’s why you should start by writing down 50 (preferably 100) video ideas before you upload your first video. This way, you’ll always have a large pool of ideas to draw from when you need to start working on the next clip.

Create Great Content

Of course, not all of these initial ideas are going to actually turn into videos, and that’s okay, because you’re definitely get new ideas to add to your list as you go along, helping you stay on top of your upload schedule.

That’s why it’s important to make it immediately apparent what value your viewers are going to get from watching your clip, whether that’s learning something new or simply being entertained.

From the video title to the video description, it takes a lot of work to get people to click on one of your videos. On top of that, YouTube only counts clicks as views if the person watched more than 30 seconds of your clip, in order to prevent bots artificially boosting view numbers.

Tips For Creating Engaging Youtube Video Ads

That means that you not only have to convince people to watch your video, you also have to keep them there for at least half a minute or more.Starting your video off with a logo or a long animated title sequence is a sure fire way to get people to back out of your clip.

The better approach would be to start your video off either by telling your viewers what they’re going to learn or by showing them a quick preview of something exciting

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